The MUMA SPORT LTD (Single shareholder Scoppa Floriano) was established by its founder and became a natural continuation of the process of growth of a business founded in 1985 which operates in the “pool” and “swimming line” sectors.

The experience gained from Scoppa Floriano over the years, from water treatment for swimming pools up to the production of its own Swimming line in the context of the global market in which we live, are fundamental to the work that Muma Sport is carrying out with even greater dynamism .

The company’s goal is to strengthen the image of what for years was only a “brand” while ensuring the utmost professionalism in the areas in which it operates.



The activities range from design to production of SWIMMING POOLS (at regional level) including all maintenance and services necessary to the production and wholesale distribution of its SWIMMING LINE across the country aimed mainly at Swimming Socities, swimming pool Managers and Wholesalers of swimming pool products.